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Title: 2017 Map Reset Topic
Post by: Neowarshark on November 03, 2017, 06:36:24 PM
I was thinking maybe we should consider thinking about resetting the map for next year it would be a boost for new people when they join and returning members already playing or use to play to give them reason to come back.

You can post in this topic why it's a good idea or why it's a bad idea i just think we should talk about it some once again.

It don't really bother me either way but we could have terrain that's not all jaggy in some spots, quartz everywhere in the nether instead of being in the new areas and less abandon buildings around the server where some of the points brought up before if you have more i will edit this post.

Post away!

wow this topic was read 68 times probably google and search bots but we getting a new map yeah people we finally did it. :)