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I got a lot of shulker boxes going to use for a storage system. I'm not sure if I'm going to sell any cause there kinda rare trust me exploring in the end was a pain to get what i needed. 1.11.1 is coming out maybe you could fly to the islands instead of blocking out and use those rockets combo with the bow use the rockets when the bow doesn't work.

Also zombie purifiers are broken zombie spawner only spawns normal zombies now.

The witch farm also broken again and i would have to build it from the ground up to fix it.

feel free to discuss you plans about 1.11 and we still need to finish the charge creeper farm.  :-\

edit. I also got to fix my mob farm bummer

and when i mean rare there 50% a drop per shell without looting and the end cities themselves spawn few and far between each other and when you find one there hardly enough shulkers there. I think the least i got was 6 shells in a place and the most i got was 20 shells.

oh so dose the farmers and doors still work
to get new villagers


--- Quote from: steve on December 20, 2016, 06:43:54 AM ---oh so dose the farmers and doors still work
to get new villagers

--- End quote ---
I believe so if you setup like a breeder with the doors either below or higher then where the farmland is with the villagers with one villager at the door to sense the village. if you setup the doors near the farmland it would only breed as many as the doors are  divide by 3-4 i think doors.


witch farm fix i figure we test the floors to see if they spawn all 3 or we will just do two floors of it.


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