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Mumble vs Discord

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I'm looking into replacing Mumble for Discord as our voice server. 

I'd like your feedback. Have you used Discord? How do you like it?

Mumble has worked fine for us, but Discord would be free and Mumble is not free in my situation (although very cheap, like $5 USD every 3 months).  Please let me know if you can help me test Discord, just drop me a PM.

I will be available to help with discord just give me the link to download it and we can test it when you have time.


ok downloaded just waiting on you to make a server so we can chat.

edit. my name is Neowarshark#9514 not sure how this program works :).

edit2. a instant invite not sure what that is i need one from you cj i think.

i edit my above post to put in the number they have by my name on the right.


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