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The Value of Lapis per Diamond


so in my store i sell lapis pieces(not blocks.) for 6 diamonds a stack so if we go by that it's 10.6 lapis pieces per diamond so we round up and it's 11 lapis pieces per diamond spent but if round down it's 10.

10 splits better at 5 but 11 could split at 6 by rounding up. Also half of 6 could be 3 if we use 11 for quarter diamond prices.

Let me know what you think the worth is and 9 might be a good option too since it's could be worth 1 block.

edit i could always raise my price for lapis or lower it this is a voting to get a general idea what to price it as.

edit. if i sold the lapis at 7 diamonds per stack it would equal 1 diamond per block.

so far we got a 9 and 11 i voted 9 just cause it will be easier to trade with i wanted to show the results without voting but it won't let me change it now.


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