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1.13 discussion + new map coming!

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lets discuss the 1.13 update i found out from videos the water mechanics wont change as much as we think it will to make water pass trough things you have to use a bucket of water to first make it willing don't ask me weird but whatever.

i can finally get mushroom stems in the update so i won't get piss if my house breaks and i have to ask cj to fix it. i can fix it by replacing the blocks in the update so that makes me happy.

The trident seems like a good weapon if it even comes back to you in the air too i heard just water it comes back but you never know i guess.

so far i don't know what will break or not break updating but i probably see things break then i have to fix them again so not a big deal maybe it will take cj some time to update the server when update is available so there will be videos on how to fix things.

That's it seeya peeps around feel free to post in here what you think about anything about the update.

new info you can get a turtle shell from turtles that grow up then you can make a hat that's less then diamond in armor strength but has a extra 10 seconds of water breathing under water. so far it looks like for water streams slabs at top of the water don't let water trew the gap they have but under water stairs and slabs look better so far signs,fence gate, and fence look the old way for now.

items also float on top of water when in stream of water they go fast like pack ice under them without the pack ice under them. to make the item to continue under a slab you need ice not sure if they will change it that where water will go trew them even at the top of the water but that's ok mumbo show a trick to make continuous water streams without signs or slabs.

there might be a way to make squid farms with magma blocks but i don't think the squids take damage from them so far that might change. when a magma is place below sea level or over a oceans it makes bubbles that sink stuff and when soul sand is place instead it float things very fast.

if i learn anything else i let you know. that's it for now.

i guess on new map i will help at spawn at first then conquer a ocean temple then build a base around it.
I will go for a high efficiency design to get the most drops i plan on supplying free items from the farm but my other stuff will be private for me. Tell me your plans on the next map? :)

Yeah, jeez I haven't even given any thought to projects yet. I'll have to make a record farm and store for sure  ;D And I loved my guardian farm.  :'(

You should get a record farm and store i will need a set for each of my bases i can help you farm them too. :)

if we get two guardian farms one can be private and the other can public but i don't mind sharing the drops from the guardian farm and exp i just want my other stuff private since i'm building a base underwater near a guardian farm. :)


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