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It appears 1.13 is getting closer and closer.  I have had several requests to make the current map available to download since we'll be switching to a new map.  I'll use this thread to give instructions when I have set that up.

If you are interested in downloading the map, you may want to connect to the server and put all your inventory items and enderchest items in a regular chest or else you will lose them in singleplayer.

Thought I'd post this now to give people time to see it before the new map is put in place.

Thanks noted i do that know and put them in a chest at my base since i don't plan on playing the current map but i will be playing when reset happens!

edit. will this have nether attach to the map too i don't care about the end that much nothing really build there that serious?

Yeah, I plan to include both nether and End.

Thanks i think it could be useful for nether to find all the bases on the map that people want to mess around with since there won't be any dynmap in single player lol.

bump cause i think people to see this topic ahead of mine!


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