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Neo's test run in single player!


so i did some caving with full diamond and trident as main weapon and kelp as secondary food it was great i could range all the mobs and kill them in two hit with a fully enchanted trident.

Then for the food i had fish as main then dried kelp as secondary i would eat kelp to get to half a hunch off my hunger then eat cook cod to fill me up for longer.

One thing i notice with just mending on my pick and trident they where always full cause my armor didn't have mending taking all the exp just a note for people that want to cave don't use mending armor!

mobs no problem with diamond armor and trident but you might want a sword for a backup weapon(secondary). The reason is say this is sometimes your trident is thrown and you can't use it as a weapon all you will be doing is punching if you don't don't have a sword as backup. :P

The bow is the best range weapon but trident is ok range weapon and melee weapon at the same time it's up to find which one is the better option but remember mending and infinity can't be on a bow together anymore so you will have to carry arrows for mending or repair your bow for infinity.

for underwater the trident is awesome for killing water creatures at range and melee so it's number 1 when it comes to that but for land the range and melee are not as strong compare to a sword or bow.

One last note we will want to find fast a zombie spawner to make a drowned zombie farm all you need is water to make the zombies into drowned. We will want the tridents that drop there precious lol!

i tried doing a test run with survival single player but my world crashes when close to snow biomes and 90% of my area is surrounded by snow biomes when i get outside of my mesa where i setup at meh i guess i have to wait till they fix it...

one thing i will be trying to find day one 1.13 gnarcraft map is a swamp to get a slime ball i need it for my afk fish farm. I'm also going to build a passive fish farms above the ocean to get cod and puffer fish. I'm going to build my yellow house outside the spawn chunks so i can have my afk fish farm in the basement for it but i'm planning to help at spawn first to get it ready for new peeps.


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