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Do you carry lapis in your ender chest?

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I wondering if people carry lapis in there ender chest since i have that as a option to buy stuff at my store.
It would be good to know what the majority have in there ender chest as valuables so i can switch my payement system if needed.

So also leave what else valuable you have in your ender chest down below in this topic.

I carry stuff I might find needful elsewhere, or that I'd rather not leave somewhere to tempt a griefer. That would tend to be the obvious diamonds, iron & gold blocks, and emeralds. Lapis, while funky to collect, as of yet has no usefulness (that I know of) to make it valuable.

In addition to the above, I will also have things like a store of wood, food, and replacement enchanted tools. I carry an ender chest around, just in case I need to plunk myself down. I've gotten caught too often lost in a far off, deep cave. It's nice to be able to, if needful, build a temporary lair and know that there is no urgency or danger.

Thanks for you input after update lapis will be needed for enchanting so maybe i made this poll to early.  :-\

I just have a decent supply of handy things in my ender chest, including a stack of wood, food etc, so you always can get resupplied if you find a ender chest (on a expedition and find someones base).

A supply of diamonds , iron , gold blocks, and emeralds for reapers and trade tools for specific jobs like silk touch and fortune spare armor food coal i like to keep some space  space to put things in if need be on a trip. I do get  lapis as i see it its in my chests and is used as a dye and nice blue next to blue clay.  [steve] 


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